Surgical Airway Trainer

Surgical airways are an unusual solution to the can't intubate can't ventilate situation. However it is important to practice the skills needed for this desperate situation. Below is a copy of a short theory presentation on the topic and instructions for building a simple skills trainer. This trainer was assessed in an article by Varaday, Yentis and Clarke titled “A homemade model for training in cricothyroidotomy” in Anaesthesia 2004, 59: 1012-1015. Instead of marketing it we believe it is easy enough to build as a DYI project using local materials. The critical issue is using a type of 22mm tubing that is easy enough to cut into and smooth bore enough to permit threading the trachy tube down. Always try it yourself before inflicting it on a class [We learned this the hard way].

Surgical Airway Skills Trainer ConstructionSurgical Airway Skills Trainer - Construction Guide

Surgical Airway SlidesSurgical Airway Slides