Using the SuperAnnie 3 with a ‘high fidelity’ manikin to make the fidelity even higher!

You can create excellent chest drain trouble shooting scenarios by combining the two devices.  Put SuperAnnie 3 under the manikin’s bed and put an extension on the chest tube to bring it up under the sheet and out the side of the manikin and hide  this with a dressing on the side of the manikin.  SuperAnnie 3 makes the chest drain swing & have an air leak.  The manikin provides the other clinical signs such as breath sounds, chest movement and pulse oximetry.

If the patient scenario is not intubated and spontaneous breathing leave SA3 breathing spontaneously and set the manikin respiratory rate to something similar.

If the patient is intubated and ventilated, connect a side-line to the ventilation circuit.  It will need to be ¼ inch or larger and can be fitted where the capnography connector would go or hidden further back in the ventilator circuit. SuperAnnie 3 only needs a tidal volume of around 50 mls so it will not mean changing the ventilator settings.  Now the chest drain will swing whenever the manikin receives a positive pressure breath.