$1,450.00 AUD

Capnography Simulator

SimCap is a hand held capnograph for simulating ventilated and spontaneously breathing patients.

When sidestream capnography tubing is connected to a ventilated manikin, the breaths are detected by the capnography simulator. It will display the appropriate waveform, respiratory rate and EtCO2 values.

The trainer can change values using the controller module in response to administered treatments.

The trainer can select between normal and asthma waveforms. Additionally an apnoea mode can be used to simulate respiratory arrest or oesophageal intubation.

· An EtCO2 waveform is displayed on the screen
· Numeric display of EtCO2 and Respiration Rate
· Can display a simulated spontaneous breathing patient capnogram
· When connected to a manikin it detects positive pressure ventilation.
· Both asthmatic and normal waveforms can be simulated
· Single button selection of apnoea
· Hand held control unit with optional control from a PC control screen
· Rechargeable AA batteries with built in charging
· Wireless range up to 30 metres